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Welcome to RFAnalytics

RFAnalytics is a developer of specialized software for Radio Frequency signal analysis, integrating domain-specific intelligence to provide superior cost-effective solutions for radio systems testing, monitoring and performance applications.


We are the developer of the Kestrel application from PDTG TSCM group Inc. and continue this successful partnership in the development of new Kestrel products for technical surveillance and monitoring applications.


RFAnalytics is closely associated with our sister organization, Beara Nascence Inc.


Using powerful off-the-shelf receivers from multiple vendors (Signal Hound, ThinkRF, Tektonix, Anritsu...) we produce high-performance, high-specification bespoke and product solutions for diverse radio test and measurement applications.


  • Specialized test and monitoring (ie. airport ILS, VOR, radio comms recording)
  • Interference monitoring (alarming, automated recording)
  • Geographical data integration and survey
  • Multi-protocol demodulation (P25, Tetra, QPSK, ASK, QAM ...)
  • Multi-parametric geographical overlays
  • Intelligent signal classification

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